Designing the New Hybrid Meeting Experience — For Everyone

Imagine a hybrid meeting experience, where every participant has a clear view of every other participant. See how you can make it a reality.

Read this @Microsoft WorkLab blog to learn from Microsoft’s experience designing hybrid meetings that work for everyone.

Hybrid Work Consultation

How do you give employees purpose and clarity in your hybrid workforce? We recommend reviewing processes and programs to ensure clear guidelines. Receive a free consultation with one of our Hybrid Work consultants when you schedule direct.

Delivering Personalized Experiences in Times of Change

Companies that analyze customer data outperform others by 85%. Your customer data is a gold mine of valuable insights. Learn how you can get the most from your data. Read the eBook here. Then share this post to start a conversation.


Microsoft Security

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Hybrid Work is Just Work. Are We Doing it Wrong?

In choppy economic waters, what 3 pivots should leaders make to help employees and organizations thrive? See what @Microsoft learned in a global survey of 20,000 and analysis of Microsoft 365 productivity signals, LinkedIn labor trends and Glint People Science findings.

Optimize Your Supply Chain with Priority-based Planning

Priority-based planning can streamline and optimize your supply chain.

Learn how. Read the @Microsoft article about the new Planning Optimization capability in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.

Then message us and ask how Affordable IT can help you implement it.

Secure everything. Limit nothing. Be fearless.

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