Copilot in Excel | Be more analytical

Analyzing data in Excel can be frustrating and time consuming. Let Copilot in Excel do the work for you, with simple commands. Watch this video to see Copilot in action. 👇

Copilot in Teams: Ask Better Questions

Do you sometimes struggle in brainstorming sessions to come up with insightful questions? Never fear, Copilot is here. Watch the video to see how AI-powered Copilot generates relevant questions on any topic.

Low-code signals 2023 – Microsoft Power Platform Blog

How do you deal with application backlogs? If you’re seeking a better and lower-cost way, take a look at this blog on low-code. Research shows that 89% of CIOs and IT pros say low code helps increase efficiency. Where does @Microsoft Power Platform fit in? Read on:

Top 3 tips for using Microsoft Copilot in Teams

Does the phrase “so many meetings, so little time” apply to your working life? If so, watch this brief tutorial to learn how @Microsoft Copilot can help catch you up on a meeting, prepare for a meeting, keep a meeting moving, summarize a meeting and draft a recap.

DM to learn more ways Copilot in Teams can increase meeting effectiveness and soothe your jangled nerves. @Microsoft Copilot

Cyber Signals Feb 2024

How is #AI changing the cyber threat landscape? Do you know the top AI cyber risks today?

Download and read this informative @Microsoft eBook on AI cyber risks and defenses.