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Affordable-IT (AIT) does not have “vendors”. We have partners. These relationships provide us a platform to provide our clients with “best of best”; useful, current, viable, effective, and valuable technologies. We and our partners are working together to make sure our clients are fully satisfied at all times.


2X Software:

Affordable-IT is a “Premium Partner” for 2X. This is the most effective and economical application server software available. 2X is how we get your hosted applications to run, print, refresh and provide added security so efficiently. With 2X your “cloud” is clear and friendly for all users.


Think you need new PCs? Think you need to add new PCs? No you don’t! Get those big, clunky, expensive behemoths off your desks. Our 10Zig partner manufacturer for “Thin Client” devices allows Affordable-IT a direct pipeline to their developing engineers. When our clients need a new feature or improvement, we get almost immediate attention. Try that with the industry “leaders”! 10Zig is low-cost with a small footprint, all while remaining powerful and flexible.


Dell? Why Dell? Before we became a Dell Premier Partner, we were (and still are) a Dell customer. To best serve our hosted clients, we have standardized exclusively on Dell server products in our data center. This is how we deliver maximum performance and reliability for you. Affordable-IT only provides the best of Dell server products to our clients.


If you’re connected to the internet you’re connected to the world. Sometimes that connection can be scary!  Luckily, Affordable-IT is teamed up with Fortinet as a Silver Partner to protect not only our data center, but our clients’ networks as well. The Fortinet products provide award-winning and round the clock protection. We have Fortinet guarding our data center and we want our clients to have the same amazing protection as well.


Microsoft has been leading the industry in software since the dawn of the PC. Our partnership with Microsoft allows us to provide network operating systems, desktop operating systems, business applications, and more in many flexible and economical ways to our clients. And of course, Microsoft is the staple software for our own data center!


Ditto your data with Datto! In a time of hackers, natural disasters, disgruntled employees and flat out mistakes, a business must protect its continuity. It’s no longer enough to “back up” your data. Using a combinations of appliances, software and cloud services, AIT protects ours and our client’s business continuity. Primary server dies, no problem. The local Datto appliance can start a duplicate server to remain operational. Local Datto appliance destroyed, no problem. AIT’s cloud based service can start a remote duplicate server(s) session(s). AIT’s clients using Datto are fully protected from VERY costly downtime scenarios.


Today’s single purpose file servers are the most underutilized component of a modern business network. It’s like a Clydesdale pulling a single keg. AIT’s partnership with VMWare allows us to multi-purpose your investment in server technology. Wouldn’t it better to have your Clydesdale pulling the whole wagon?


Printing and scanning is often the biggest unknown when deploying a remote, or virtual, desktop solution. TerminalWorks develops a suite of applications that makes complex printing and scanning redirection possible, and even easy. Here’s what one of our technicians has to say about some of their products in practical application.

“I was deploying a remote desktop environment for a medical practice that uses printers, scanners, and cameras, integrated into their billing software suite. Without TSScan and UniTwain this project would have been dead in the water. Instead we have happy clients doing their work securely in the cloud, printing and scanning just like they normally do.”

-Jim Cahill MCP MCITP 2Xpert