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Tape backups? Still ? Really??


We all know we need to backup data. In todays world in is not a “nice to have” it is a “Must Have”. Cyber intrusions, Identity theft, even accidental deleting of information could be catastrophic. In fact 58% of downtime incidents is caused by human error alone. Natural disaster account for only 10% of downtime.(source:Enterprise and the Cost of Downtime,Independent Oracle User Group, 2012).

Getting that information back using a tape solution could take hours or days if you have to retrieve and old tape from an offsite location. (You are taking your backups off site right?? )

With a Business continuity solution from Affordable-IT and Datto backed by the power and security of Blue Bridge Networks. Your data will be safe, and ready when you need it with this disaster recovery plan.

Check out this article from Datto for more information.http://www.datto.com/blog/the-trouble-with-tape-backup

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