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Remote Desktop Letting Employees Work from Home


Companies around the World Are Letting Employees Work from Home Industry Leaders Magazine

Remote Desktop

It’s not uncommon for companies to let employees work remotely. With the ubiquity of smartphones and laptops, workers no longer are desk-bound. Three years ago when Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer called at-home workers back to the office, American workplaces were buzzing with debates over the benefits of telecommuting. Today, small and large companies and even federal governments have put their weight behind letting employees work from home using remote desktop.

Remote working is on the rise as companies are starting to realize that integrating telecommuting into their workforce is a smart business strategy. Let’s find out how.


Currently, 47 percent of Aetna’s workforce is enrolled in the virtual work arrangements program. In 2014, Aetna reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 46,700 metric tons. Aetna’s employees used 5.3 million fewer gallons of gas by not telecommuting. Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini and national business chief Joseph Zubretsky said employee telecommuting also helped cut costs in real estate.

Similarly, through Xerox’s Virtual Workforce Program more than 8,000 U.S. employees work from home. The environmental impact of the program is just amazing. In 2014, Xerox’s remote workers reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 40,894 metric tons and used 4.6 million fewer gallons of gas by not telecommuting.

In 2014, Dell saved $39.5 million and reduced 25 million kWh of energy and 13,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions by allowing US employees to work remotely. In a report published in June 2016, The Sustainability Benefits of the Connected Workplace, it noted the cost-saving benefits of letting employees telecommute.

During the fiscal year of 2015, one in four of eligible Dell employees was working remotely. In fact, the average Dell employee works remotely 9.7 times, a number higher than the U.S. average of 2.3 per month.


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