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Remember You can pay me now or you can pay me later?


That slogan “you can pay me now or you can pay me later” was a marketing campaign from Fram oil filters. Meaning you can pay a little for an oil change and new filter now or a lot for an engine rebuild later. The slogan still holds true today even for IT but in the inverse. The advent of Freeware and free tools to take care of IT issues as well as this phrase “My uncle Joe is good with computers he takes care of that for us” , will make you pay later. You will pay A LOT. Because as complex as a car engine is you can always just replace the whole thing, just drop in an entire engine to replace what is wrong. But, in the world of IT the computers you use are your business. They are what makes you money. You can’t just drop in a new server and start over. More often than not the data you have is an accumulation of years of work. So when that “free” monitoring software you have fails to alert you that you have an issue or that Uncle Joe inadvertently changes permissions on the server and locks out the entire company, your going to call us. Sure we can untangle it and get things back to where they were but it will take time. That time will equal money. Money you will need to spend to get back your data. Money you wouldn’t have to spend if you would have backed up your data with Datto and Affordable-IT . Most people view spending on IT services as an expense. It is actually an investment. An investment to make sure you keep your business up and running. Read this from Datto Cheap IT will cost you and get the straight story on IT services and the truth about Paying Now and Paying later.