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Ransomware targeting SMB is on the rise. Protect your business


Ransomware targeting SMB

Ransomware targeting SMB

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We all have said it. “I am really careful, I don’t go to those kind of websites. I never open emails that look suspicious”. But the guys that sit alone in there mothers basement that have nothing better to do than write viruses, they are really smart. They come up with new ways to spread these insidious programs. They are also realizing that the bigger businesses are harder to get money out of. So they are now targeting you! The SMB (Small to Medium Business) they figure you will just pay the 500 or more dollars to unencrypt your files, rather than admit that you got hit by Crypto Locker or one of the 49 MILLION other types of ransomware out there.

Any one of them might have taken down your system. Can your business afford to be down for hours or days at a time—due to a vicious virus or merciless malware?

Anti-virus software is good, but it’s no longer enough. With CryptoLocker, for example, it’s often not detected until the virus has already started to encrypt your files.

Backup alone is not enough to save your files and keep your business running. What’s needed is a solution that can verify backups, deliver instant cloud virtualization, has the ability to see into your files and know when the virus took hold, and perform a restore that takes minutes versus hours or days.

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