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Backup vs. Business Continuity


At Affordable-IT we believe that protecting our clients data is a responsibility not a profit center. We take this responsibility very seriously, that is why we partnered with datto and Blue Bridge Networks. The datto business continuity technology is much more that backup. It allows you to keep your business running in the event of not just a disaster but during upgrades to your systems, an accidental data deletion by an employee or a hardware failure and many more reasons your systems go down or are unavailable. Our partner Blue Bridge Networks, located right here in Cleveland Ohio maintains he highest standards for uptime, quality and service, backed by the most powerful Service Level Guarantees in the industry. As well as electronic and physical 24/7 security. We offer HIPAA and SOX compliance as well.

Download our White_Paper_-_Backup_vs_Business_Continuity today and see the difference that AIT, datto and Blue Bridge can make in your business.