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Business Continuity-Disaster Recovery

If you’re like most companies, stopping business for even a few hours could cost you a lot of money. That loss is not just in revenue from customers either. The largest expense from data loss is the time your employees spend not working.

How Well Protected Is Your Data?

Backed by the rock solid data center BlueBridge Networks.

Whether it’s a hard drive failing, which is the most common cause of data loss, or human error, the second most common, your data is vital and you need it to keep your business running and keep your employees productive.


    • Local and Cloud Storage – AIT has partnered with Datto to provide a solution that will regularly back up your servers and workstations while replicating them in the cloud. With everything backed up at your business AND in our rock-solid data center, you’ll have access to all your information when and where you need it.


    • Time Is Money – Some traditional backup systems take days even weeks to recover your data after a disaster occurs. Lost files and system failures can paralyze a business. AIT’s Datto device solution can have your business back up and running in hours, minutes, or in some cases, seconds after disaster strikes.


    • Secured Storage – AIT’s Datto device uses key-based encryption and on-site and off-site backup storage so your data is safe and secure. You will have “a backup of your backup” which guarantees successful recovery of your data. Backed by the rock solid data center BlueBridge Networks.


  • Data Changes Daily – During the course of a business day, your business adds and changes information constantly. Many traditional backup systems run nightly. If disaster strikes during the workday, you’ve probably lost all of that day’s work. AIT’s Datto device can take automated screenshots every 15 minutes to ensure that your most up to date information is safe and secure.


Let AIT show you how you can safeguard your data, information and records so that your business can stay up and running even when disaster strikes.

Call or email AIT today to find out how to get a FREE month of backup storage with a no obligation on-site demonstration.