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Affordable-IT is customer focused. Just ask our customers!

“Easter Seals Colorado engaged Affordable IT as our “all in one” “go to” IT Department when our key IT employee suddenly left the organization. Not only were we confronted with the pending capital investment of replacing 8 outdated servers, but a lack of knowledge of how our systems were configured. Since we began working with the team at Affordable IT, we have terminated our need for capital investment in expensive equipment, regained control of system configurations, and saved in excess of $20,000 the first year alone! The support, communication, and training provided by the Staff at Affordable IT are superb. The systems are reliable, safe, and HIPAA Compliant. Engaging Affordable IT was one of the best decisions we have made in a long time.”
– Cynthia L. Cargill, Chief Financial Officer
Easter Seals Colorado


“As the owner of four Veterinary Clinics I can tell you IT can be our most valuable asset or our worst enemy! I have experienced it both ways.  Since we hired AIT several years ago all of our IT demons have disappeared. And believe me there were many to be exorcised!  Vic and his team did everything they promised and did it quickly and efficiently. Their response time to any problem is amazingly fast and they work closely with practice management soft ware company to resolve issues. Even better they hold the soft ware company’s toes to the fire so the blame game goes no where!!! I couldn’t be happier!”
– Dr. Charles Curie
Country Doctor Family of Veterinary Clinics


“I’ve had the opportunity to work with IT resources all over this country and the folks at Affordable IT are absolutely the best. In the 12 years they have hosted our software, not one time have any of our clients complained about downtime. They are truly the best technical minds I have ever worked with . . . and they’re nice guys too!!!”
– Peggy Baddour, President
One Source Solutions, Inc


“We’ve been with Affordable IT for nearly three years. They host our SQL ERP Application Server, Outlook Exchange Server , FTP and Integration Server. From initial design to the sale and implementation, and ongoing service and support, Affordable-IT is second to none. As we continue to add users, servers, software and services, we rely on AIT as a one-stop location for all of our IT needs. I would highly recommend AIT to any company regardless of their business type, scope or size.”
– Jim Loparich, President
Pinnacle Sales, Inc.


“Affordable IT is a first-rate provider of IT Solutions always going above and beyond our call for help. Couple this along with their knowledge and demonstration of new technologies, Affordable IT allows us to keep our company at the cutting edge of technology…affordably. Thank you!”
– Doug Miller
Jay Industries